Fun pictures for kids to write about

Snakes smell with their tongue. Mother quit her job.

7 great ways to encourage kids’ writing

Paint on stems and some grass with their hand prints for the flowers. Horse image from Morguefilespeech bubble added at Picnik. If you actually have a camcorder, use it.

Is there a connection, either in words or pictures, between the ending and the beginning of the story. Consider sponsoring a gymnastics meet.

Story Starters for Kids

Help your child write the details that explain each picture — why she picked the subject, why it is important to her day, and who was nearby but not shown. There are sources all over the internet to get them started on this.

Dough House The children are given a shape of a house. For example, you might ask the child what will happen at the beginning, middle, and end of his or her story or where the story will take place. Writing stories also helps children better read, and understand, stories written by other people.

With shoe laces or yarn wrap ends tightly with tape to prevent frayinglace the 2 pieces together. Talk about what a continent is, and read books or show videos on the different continents to learn about their culture. Show her one of the Smolan books and explain the concept.

Most importantly, this story teaches children that Thanksgiving is not just about eating great food. By familiarizing a child with how authors create stories and what the different parts of a story are, introducing visual or written prompts that inspire him or her to think of story ideas, and encouraging him or her to plan before starting to write, you'll help the child make a complete and imaginative story.

13 Exciting, Innovative Writing Prompts for Kids

Choosing subjects your child loves, like brontosauruses or monster movies or soccer or shoes. Encourage the child to fill in any missing information or detail that might make the story funnier or more interesting.

Discuss the uses of aluminum with your kids, as well as recycling. Have a puppet show or small play and let the children make up their own lines for their animal.

These pictures make great keepsakes for your scrapbooks or even bedroom walls. Have the children sort the pictures into farm, pet or zoo categories. They work kind of like a comic strip. Draw eyes or use wiggly eyes on the front section.

Astronomical Astronauts At circle time, show the children pictures of astronauts and talk about what they do. Annie This movie is an adaptation of the Broadway Musical of the same name. Our whole family decided to buy bicycles and ride across the United States.

Using Digital Media to Teach Kids About Gratitude

Anacondas are large, non-venomous snakes found in South America that can reach over 5 m 16 ft in length. As you read, stop and ask the child to make predictions about what is going to happen next and why he or she thinks so.

Watch the root of the avocado grow, then replant in loose soil. Fun Facts for Kids Kids want to know the facts! At we want to give kids the answers and information to the things they want to know.

Check out the facts listed below: Animal Facts Back to School Barack Obama Facts Christmas Facts. It's an engrossing online game of english sentence-building.

kids learn quickly and enjoy the lesson while having fun with words. Write names on the shapes and paste them on the lower branches of your tree.

4) Cut out shapes for all your past family members and others important to you — grandparents, great-aunts, friends. Write names on the shapes and paste them on the upper branches of your tree.

How to plan a story | Writing with kids

Alphabet Worksheets Make learning fun for preschoolers and kindergarteners with the help of our free and printable alphabet worksheets. These worksheets are fun and engaging, helping preschoolers learn their letters, practice writing them and thus, pick up the concept easily.

Scholastic's Adventure Story Starters writing activity for kids generates fun creative writing prompts for students to use in writing stories of adventure.

English for Kids - Learn English with our huge collection of worksheets, activities and fun games. Kids can now have fun and learn English at the same time.

Dinosaur Printables

We have a lot of fun and interactive articles on creative writing and worksheets in grammar for kids.

Fun pictures for kids to write about
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